Due to out of state relocation, Elegant Balance Acupuncture is closed and no longer able to see patients.

Initial Consultation and treatment-$95

This is the for patients who are new to the clinic.  This consultation lasts about 30-45 minutes during which, the practitioner will review questionnaires, establish treatment goals, set objective and subjective measurements of the condition of the patient.  The session would continue with a treatment.  The total session time is about 80 minutes.

Herbal Consultation-$30 (per 30 minutes)

For established patients that are only interested in Chinese herbals.   This consultation lasts 30 minutes.  New patients only desiring herbal therapy would need an extended 60 minute consultation.

Standard/Follow Up Visit-$65

Includes a brief consultation, pulse and tongue diagnosis, followed by a treatment.  A session generally lasts 50 minutes.

Herbal Therapy

The price of herbs varies based on formulation, dosage forms and quantity.  The correct formulation is determined and discussed during a consultation.

Facial Rejuvenation/Cosmetic Acupuncture-$95

This treatment last about 80 minutes.  It includes application of facial cleanser, Chinese herbs, moisturizers, needles, gua sha, tui na, cupping and other techniques if necessary.  The first treatment may take longer to establish goals but at no charge for existing patient.  Patients new to the clinic would need an initial consultation.

Weight Loss Treatment-$75

This treatment takes about 80 minutes.  The session follows the same structure as a standard treatment, however there is an extended amount of time devoted to nutrition and lifestyle modification as well as increase time to complete the treatment.

Elegant Balance Acupuncture